Dreamy friday afternoon. Looking for the most fabulous house designs. first intake.

It is friday, it is summer, I don’t have to study, so supposedly I should feel very happy. I don’t because of the weather in London. It keeps raining, it is windy, and it looks so miserable that I don’t even considering going anywhere. Seems like some nice designs and bottle of red andJane Austin’s Emma (trying to get some classics in my head, they say it helps thinking and writing. For so far Emma seems so out of times and all the manners of Georgian times suffocates me. ) afterwards will make perfect staying in time, and weather will stop annoying me.

Now everything around looks like this :


Though from the picture it Does not look so exceptionally miserable, but anyway, I assure you it is, if for example we compare it with :


It is a view from an exceptional Bubble house from Cannes, in France. Bubble house, literally looks like one. It is very organic, so environmentalists should love it, and it is yet to be finished. It was built  in 70’s, bought by the designer Pierre Cardin and now it is listed as one of the France historical monuments. So adorable.


It was made to adapt the problematic landscape, and it does it really well. It somehow looks futuristic and not out of the place.


This original design has an exceptional space inside.


No wonder that Pierre Cardin bought it. It is a perfect hang out in a perfect place. Cannes. Oh, I will just close my eyes and imagine that I’m there sitting in the bubble house. Time for dreamy meditation folks! Found my inspiration 🙂


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I'm a recent graduate blogging to kill boredom and have some fun doing it. Sharing interesting articles, movies, books, ideas, have some glimpse on music and have a discussion about all this with you. Cheers! https://sleepingowls.wordpress.com/

2 responses to “Dreamy friday afternoon. Looking for the most fabulous house designs. first intake.

  1. Hi there, thanks for following my blog.

  2. I love Holland and the perspective on American life from they eys of Dutch seems as an interesting thing to follow 🙂

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